Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How I can get my Water Quality Tested?

You can get your water tested by contacting NWSDB chemist in your area or contacting closest cluster laboratory, who will advise you on the, type of testing types, payment method, payment amount, sample collection & where to be delivered.

Whom to be contacted if another party is disturbing my catchment of the RWSS?

You need to contact the Development Officer from the DNCWS in your area on the Catchment issue. You need to give him details of the ownership of the land of the catchment, the type of disturbance or destruction with photos. He will advise & assist any steps to be taken.

How to solve a land issue in our CBO?

You need to contact the Development Officer from the DNCWS in your area on the Land matter with the extent of the land & the type of the issue. He will assist you to take the matter up with higher authorities.

How to get Technical Advice for improvements?

You can contact the development   officer in your area  who will direct you   to either NWSDB (RWS) unit or   DNCWS Technical   unit as deemed appropriate.

What are the agencies we can accesses for funding ?

You can access your development officer who will   direct your requirement either to WaSSIP in the seven project   districts or any other agency as